7 things you SHOULD be doing outside of work to be more successful.

We all know Singapore is the world’s logistic hub with multiple main industry sectors. You may be in oil, shipping, finance or medical but one thing that everyone is, is busy.

We get it, you want to work harder to be the best you can be and get that extra dollar. Anything to become successful in what you do, but the thing is,

Singapore is full of successful people and even the most successful take a break from working.

Here are seven things that you should be doing once you’ve stepped out of the office.


Exercise is something most people have a love hate relationship with but it’s important to find what you love whether that’s a HIIT session or badminton. Exercise does wonders for your body and brain; it releases endorphins that make you happier. Getting that sweat on can improve memory and thinking skills, all of which will contribute to a healthier life.

Plus, who would say no to a six pack?

There’s a free boot camp at botanic gardens on a Sunday 9.00am and Wednesday 6.30pm or if you like to work out alone try cycling around east coast park.


A lot of people will spend their work day looking at a computer screen or phone screen so when it comes to downtime ditch the social media on your phone and get reading. It could be a house decor magazine or a non-fiction book, whatever it is it will give your brain a good workout improving vocabulary, generate new ideas and could even lead to ‘ah bingo moments’.


The word mindfulness has popped up a lot in recent years and a lot of people will know what it is but won’t be doing it. Now is the time to start. Mindfulness increases positive emotions and can reduce stress. Practising mindfulness can feel alien to begin with but once you start you’ll get the hang of it. Bringing your attention to the present moment will help you focus and improve your memory.

There are lots of mindfulness apps that can help you like ‘Calm’ as well as many YouTube videos. If you would prefer to be in a more relaxed environment when meditating, then yoga is a great way to go.

Yoga movement offers 20 classes @19 SGD.


Now you may be the smartest in your office or know everything there is to know about your industry but that doesn’t mean you should stop learning. There is always something new to learn and it’s important to keep your brain active and open. Singapore is full of many different workshops so there is something for everyone. By doing this you’re learning speed increases and you can adapt better to change which will have a positive effect in your work life. Another bonus is you’ll become more interesting.

A lawyer that bakes unicorn cakes and can paint animals in water colour sounds pretty cooler than a lawyer who doesn’t.

Naiise offers creative workshops – watercolour painting/ calligraphy

Baking calf offers cooking and baking sessions

Karen Lucas photography offers beginner to advanced photography courses

Jewel coffee offers coffee cupping experiences.


Volunteering gives you a sense of accomplishment, increases self-confidence and reduces stress and anxiety. By giving back to the community whether it’s an hour of service of hundreds of hours its making a difference. Volunteering brings people together and will give you the chance to network with people you may not necessarily get to in your normal day to day. There are endless organisations in Singapore you can help out with.

Killing hearts – volunteer run soup kitchen which cooks and distributes 3000 meals to the needy every day. Simply walk in and you’ll be directed to where your help is needed.

Animal shelter SPCA- walking, bathing and general helping with abandoned animals.

Beach clean-up –  East park


We work to make a living but we also need to have fun otherwise what’s the point? Some say there’s not enough hours in the day which can seem true when you’re working 9-6, then you have chores and mouths to feed but prioritising fun is important and ultimately will make you a happier person. Stress is draining and fun reduces that stress, so stop neglecting the fun and see how productive you become!

Time with Friends and Family.

Now this might sound obvious but so many of us are guilty of taking work home with us, an email here and there, a quick phone call during dinner but what’s the point of working so hard to be successful if you can’t share it with your friends and family. Wanting to advance in your career is great but don’t neglect your loved ones by doing so. Having that balance will leave you feeling more fulfilled and content.

All of these seven tips will maximise your productivity, improve focus and reduce stress which is ultimately what you need to become more successful so don’t feel guilty for taking a break. To do your job to the fullest potential you have to be sane right?

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