6 Healthy Delivery Services that do the Meal Prep for you

Maybe you’re a hard working individual that has long work hours or kids to organise or maybe you just don’t enjoy cooking but you’re also conscious of what you eat? 

Sounds like just about everyone right?

So wouldn’t it be great if professional chefs could cook healthy meals for you every day?

It’s hard finding nutritious and convenient food in Singapore but here are 6 services that can do just that.


FITTHREE offers clean and chilled ready to eat meals. The chefs create tasty yet balanced recipes using only the freshest seasonal ingredients. You are given the choice of omnivore, Vegetarian and low carb meals catering to any specific needs you may have. Fitthree also offers standard size (S$12.90) or XL (S$15.90). Meals include Cajun baked fish with pumpkin and stir fry sliced beef.

Source: https://fitthree.com/

You can easily pick up your meals from various pick up points (mainly gyms) in the west, east and central area. When you’re ready to eat you just have to pop them in the microwave and you’re good to go.

Delivery Dates: Pickup from chosen location on Mondays and Thursdays

Website: https://fitthree.com/

Online Reviews: 4.8 / 5

2. Fitness Ration

Fitness Ration is perfect for everyday health conscious individuals to athletes. The meals are verified by their own nutritionists and include high protein clean meals (S$10.90) and ketogenic meals (S$13.90). They also offer gender specific meals.

Source: https://www.fitnessration.com.sg/

The meals are delivered straight to your door. No fuss! And if you order a bundle of over 10 meals your delivery is free. All that’s left to do is store the meals, heat and then eat.

Meals include baked salmon cheddar lasagne and shredded duck.

Delivery Dates: Weekends and Weekdays between Saturday to Wednesday.

Website: https://www.fitnessration.com.sg/index.php

Online Reviews: 4.4 / 5

3. Primal Meal Prep

Primal focuses on creating a meal plan specific to your individual needs and goals.

They prepare their food from scratch with no preservatives and promise high quality food and freshness.Their website includes a macro calculator and a fully customized option for those serious about nutrition.

Source: https://primalmealprep.com/

However, don’t be scared primal isn’t just for those hard core athletes they also offer low carb, balanced diet and an upsized option. The meals range in price from S$4.90 for a protein muffin, S$10.90 for Peri Peri chicken and S$12.50 for a chilli con carne.

Delivery Dates: To ensure delivery for the week, you must place orders by 9am Saturday on the preceding week

Website: https://primalmealprep.com/

Online Reviews: 5 / 5

4. Yummy Bros

Yummy Bros make eating affordable for fitness enthusiasts and really focus on keeping costs low for their consumers as well as producing nutritious food.

On each meal you can customise to your needs.

Source: https://www.yummybros.com/

If you want less carb they will replace it with more veggies or if you don’t like broccoli (which you definitely should) then you can replace it with another vegetable. Information is also given on each ingredient used and their health benefits. Meals include lemon zesty chicken and yogurt oats both S$6.50.

Yummy bros have made it a really easy and efficient process from their simple website to delivery to your home. (S$3 on orders S$35 and above).

Delivery Dates: Mon/Thurs 11am-1pm and Sun 8pm-10pm

Website: https://www.yummybros.com/

Online Reviews: 4.6/5


“You only live once” – a fact we can all agree with. It’s how we decide to live that’s important. Keeping fit and healthy is the way forward and this food service is just what you need to make that happen. YOLO offers multiple packages and plans – they work out your calorie intake from age, height, weight, gender and activity levels and use that to generate a meal plan that’s personalised to you. They offer daily delivery every morning between 10am – 11:30am.

Source: http://yolofood.com.sg/

As they say themselves “We take care of the science part and the cooking part! You just handle the eating part!”

Delivery Dates: Daily – 10:00 – 11:30am.

Website: http://yolofood.com.sg/

Online Reviews:3.6/5

6. Eat Healthy

Eat Healthy is digital restaurant service with the aim of challenging the perception: cheap food is not healthy, and healthy food is not cheap. They have nutritionists to ensure all their products are well balanced and nutritious with no MSG or preservatives in sight.

Eat Healthy is all about sustainability and aren’t interested in Fad Diets or short term fixes, it’s all about moderation and achieving your goals sustainably.  To add to that, everything is Halal.

Source: https://eathealthy.sg/

The website is super simple, you can pick from a range of healthy mains, soups and snacks. You put everything you want in your basket and if you order before 3pm you will get your food the next working day, and will be contacted directly to organise a time. Delivery is free when you spend $50+ or you can self-pickup at their pickup locations, whichever is easiest for you.

Delivery Dates: Next Working Day if you order before 3pm.

Website: https://eathealthy.sg/

Online Reviews: 5/5



Disclaimer: All Online Ratings taken from Facebook Rating System

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